ContentPlanner helps your brand with the creation & planning of quality content on a consistent basis.

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ContentPlanner Agenda
Quality Content on Time

Your Content Pipeline on Autopilot

Many companies have the intention to produce content frequently because they know it is crucial. But in reality, there’s always something more urgent than creating content.

That’s why we made ContentPlanner: setup your content pipeline once & start producing quality content on schedule!

Perform Better

Higher Marketing ROI

Publish more quality content to generate a higher ROI by increasing your existing team’s capacity. Complete more work by eliminating endless email threads and meetings.

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Plan Content

Plan Content Ahead of Time

Plan blog posts side-by-side with your social media messages. Publish more content, and grow your audience.


Collaborate with Your Team

With ContentPlanner, you can configure the exact workflow that your team needs. Use specific workflows for different types of content.

Maximum Impact

Content Marketing Centralized

All your content marketing activities centralized in one tool: content calendar, keyword research, content strategy, buyer personas & buyer’s journey, … 

One Central Dashboard

No more Spreadsheets

With ContentPlanner, you can manage all your marketing content – webpages, blog & social posts – from one dashboard.

Our customers are saying ...

Some comments & reviews from our customers

Emma Williams
Emma WilliamsContent Creator
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Lovely content calendar: we love the drag & drop interface! The team is also very open to feature requests.
Brian Smith
Brian SmithCEO Marketing Agency
Read More
Prior to working with, we used to work with separate documents and spreadsheets. And we duplicated these documents for all the brands (our customers) that we manage. This system was not sustainable anymore. Now with everything is integrated in one tool: content strategy, keyword mgmt, content planning, persona's, ...
Steve Hedges
Steve HedgesSEO Strategist
Read More
Thanks to, we now have a straightforward process to create quality content frequently! We configured two workflows: one for our blog content and another one for our social media channels. Our team is now working like a well-oiled machine.
Eric Anderson
Eric AndersonBusiness Owner
Read More
There is so much knowledge about SEO & Content Marketing available on the internet, but with, I have it always available at the right time.
Sara Vandergucht
Sara VanderguchtDigital Content Manager
Read More
Finally we have results from our content marketing efforts! ContentPlanner helps us to plan, create & publish content according to our schedule.
Evelyn Garcia
Evelyn GarciaSocial Media Manager
Read More
We recently upgraded, but even the free version was giving us a lot of added value. sends a weekly overview of our planned content together with tips & ideas for the coming period. This helps us a lot to come up with new & fresh content!