1000+ Social Post Ideas Available in Your Calendar

You know your business needs to be visible on social media. It’s a great way to get leads, increase sales and build trust & authority.

But do you also find it challenging to come up with fresh ideas frequently?

Well, not anymore as of today! Because you have more than 1000 social content post ideas available right in your ContentPlanner.io calendar! That’s three years of social media content inspiration!

Inside ContentPlanner.io, we call those ideas ‘suggestions’, and there are many different types available:

  • Quotes of famous people
  • Questions that you can ask your audience
  • Different categories to engage with your audience: polls, fill-in sentences, etc
  • Photo & video related ideas

You can drag & drop these suggestions onto your calendar. Or you can use the suggestion drop-down when creating a new content topic.

Let’s have a look at how you can use these suggestions & ideas to fill your own calendar!

Drag & drop ideas in your calendar

I assume that you have a ContentPlanner.io account and that you are located at your content project dashboard:

Let’s navigate from here to the weekly content calendar by clicking on the calendar icon of the Content card (see arrow in the above screenshot).

Now we’ll see an empty calendar because it’s a new project:


  1. Change the selection in the right-side panel from ‘Unplanned Content’ to ‘ContentPlanner.io Libraries.’ (see also arrow above)
  2. Select one of the available libraries, for instance, ‘Quotes about life.’ (see arrow in the screenshot below)

On the right side, you will then see a selection of quotes from the selected library.

From here, you can take three actions (see the same numbers in the image below):

  1. Drag & drop a quote (or any other library item) anywhere onto your calendar.
  2. Show another (random) set of quotes by pressing the circular button.
  3. Mark a quote as a favorite.

When you mark a quote as a favorite, then it will be saved into your personal library of quotes.

You can access it later by selecting ‘My Libraries’ (see 1 below) and then ‘Favorite Quotes’ (see 2):

Use suggestions in new content window

There’s also a second way to use the ideas & suggestions in ContentPlanner. Just click on the plus icon anywhere in your calendar. Click for instance on week 13 in the Instagram column of your calendar:

Then a popup will appear to create new content:

In the first dropdown called ‘Suggestion,’ you can select a suggestion category. Let us choose ‘Post a quote’:

And then press the ‘Select’ button. The popup window will now show all the suggestion libraries related to quotes:

Do the following in this window:

  1. Change the selection to ‘ContentPlanner.io’
  2. Select one of the quote libraries: we select again ‘Quotes about life’

And finally, select the quote you’re interested in. It will automatically be placed in your new content topic:


Coming up frequently with new content ideas can be hard, but it shouldn’t be.

We illustrated how you can use ContentPlanner.io to drag & drop content ideas onto your calendar.

Using this method you can create all the content of the upcoming week in record time!

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