Connecting Channels to Facebook & Instagram

In this post, we will explain how you can connect your Facebook & Instagram channels in to your actual Facebook & Instagram accounts.

But first: why do you want to do this?

There are two reasons:

  1. To publish your content automatically from to Facebook or Instagram.
  2. To use extra tools inside We have, for instance, the Hashtag Spy that allows you to monitor hashtags on Instagram. But, this will only work if you have made a connection from to Instagram.

How to connect

So, first of all: open and login with your account. In most cases, you’re forwarded to your project dashboard. In case you don’t see your dashboard as shown below, then click on the colored top-bar (see label 1):

Next, go to your project settings by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner (see label 2 above).

Inside your project settings, click on the tab called ‘Channels’ (label 1 above) and press the pen button (label 2 above):

Next press the pen icon of the channel you want to connect (label 1 above): we select our Instagram channel:

Now press the Connect button (see the arrow above), a popup window should appear:

On the screen above, you can select existing connections or create new ones. Since we have no connections yet, we press the button ‘Add connection.’

Important remark: although we’re making a connection to Instagram, you still see ‘Continue with Facebook’. This is because the connection to Instagram is done via a Facebook page. (remember that Instagram is also part of the Facebook group). If you’re not sure how to do this or you want more info, then you can read our article on this topic.

So, after pressing the ‘Add connection’ button, you see a new popup that is requesting your Facebook credentials:

Enter your Facebook email and password, and then press the ‘Log In’ button.

After a successful login into your account, you will see a Facebook confirmation window where you need to approve the connection between and Facebook.

And then finally, you will get a list of Facebook pages where you can choose from:

Select now the Facebook page that corresponds to the Instagram account you wish to connect to (I select ‘’, but you should select your own page).

And finally, your channel inside is connected with your Facebook page/Instagram account.


Connecting your Facebook & Instagram channels in with your actual Facebook & Instagram accounts is an easy process and provides you with a better integration (automatic publishing & more features).

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