How to Link Instagram to your Facebook Page

How to Link Instagram to your Facebook Page

Do you want to link your professional Instagram account to a Facebook page? 

Then you arrived at the right place!

We will explain to you:

  1. Why you want to link your Instagram with a Facebook page
  2. How you can make this link

Why link your Instagram to a Facebook page

There are many reasons why you want to link your Instagram professional account to a Facebook page that you already manage. Here are the most important ones:


When your Facebook Page is linked with your professional Instagram account, you can share posts on both platforms.

All your messages in 1 place

You can manage all your social messages (Messenger & Instagram) in one place. Instead of logging in to Facebook & Instagram separately, you can manage your messages from one central inbox. You also have access to more advanced features: message filters, customer labels, …

Get better insights

You can compare your post-performance and see where your efforts are delivering the best results in one place (for both Facebook & Instagram).

Open an Instagram shop

If you want to sell products or services on Instagram, you need a linked Facebook page to create your shop. Furthermore, you can synchronize business info and use advanced features (appointment buttons, donation stickers, …).

Run better ads

If your Instagram account is connected to your Facebook page, then you can run all your ads from one place.

Automatically schedule posts

If you use an external tool to plan & manage your content and you want to publish your posts automatically to Instagram, then you need to connect your Instagram account to a Facebook page.

How to link your Instagram to a Facebook page

Now I will explain how you can create this link from any web browser on a PC or laptop. (This procedure can’t be used on mobile phone).

Open the Facebook website in any website and select ‘Pages’ in the left menu:

You will see a list of all your Facebook pages. Select the Facebook page that you want to link with your Instagram account:

That specific Facebook page will open. Select ‘Settings’ in the left menu:

You will arrive at the page settings. Select Instagram in the left menu:

Finally, we arrive at the Instagram settings for the selected page. Press the ‘Connect Account’ button:

A popup will appear that requests for access to your Instagram messages. Press ‘Continue’:

Now the Instagram login page will appear in a popup window. Enter your credentials and press the ‘Log In’ button:

And finally your Instagram account will be connected to your Facebook page:

Additional info

You can check these resources if you need additional information:

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In this article, we explained how you can link your Instagram professional account with a Facebook page. For businesses, it has many benefits if you are already active on both platforms. It’s free and it just takes five minutes if you follow the procedure from this article.

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