More than 1-Million-Photo’s Available For Your Next Posts

A picture is worth a thousand words

“A picture is worth a thousand words” means that complex and sometimes multiple ideas can be conveyed by a single image.

And that’s exactly what we need in our digital era, where our attention span is (on average) shorter than nine seconds. Yes, we perform worse than a goldfish!

So, maybe our audience has no time to read our next 1000+ word post, but a well-chosen image with a short text can be the perfect way to communicate our message.

Including a photo is also the best way to increase engagement with your posts. That means more potential attendees seeing and clicking on your posts. A social media post accompanied by a photo is ten times more likely to get engagement.

Because of the importance of quality images, we decided to integrate ContentPlanner.io with one of the internet’s best image libraries: Unsplash.

When planning & creating content in ContentPlanner.io, you can upload your images or search for images on Unsplash.

How does it work?

So, let’s say we create a new content topic ‘Birds of the Jungle’ for our Instagram channel in ContentPlanner.io (via, for instance, the week calendar). Then we open up the detail screen for this post, and we bring the Instagram section in edit mode (by clicking on the pen icon in the upper right corner):

Now you can click on the rounded plus icon of the visual property to add an image:

This will bring up a new window from where you can:

  1. upload your images
  2. or search for images in the Unsplash library

I will illustrate the 2nd option, so select the ‘Unsplash’ tab from the top of this window:

From here you can search for any quality image that matches your blog content. Let’s search for ‘bird’ images for instance:

Remark: press the ‘More…’ button next to the ‘Search’ button to see more results.

If you found a good image for your post, then you select it by clicking once (you can select multiple images too):

And finally, you press the ‘Select’ button at the bottom to save the image(s) inside your post:

Also notice that the first selected image will appear on top (to the left of your topic name).

Don’t forget to press the save button of the Instagram section to save your new images and any other edits.

When you click on any of the downloaded images in your post, you can see more details:

Some extra info about this screen (matching the numbers of the above image):

  1. You can see the different available sizes for this image
  2. Unsplash encourages you to give credit to the author of the image. So please, copy this over in your final post (Photo by…)
  3. To change the featured image of the post
  4. To remove this image from your post


Images are a very important aspect of your online content. When using ContentPlanner.io you can upload your images or you can search for images in the extensive image library of Unsplash (for free).

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