Special Days For More Engagement

Do you still struggle with what to post on social media? Then holidays and special days can inspire your social posts.

Everyone loves holidays & special days!

Few people will “like” a post about your product, but nearly everyone who sees a post saying Happy Christmass will give it a “like.”

Black Friday, Thanksgiving, New Year, the Oscars, etc., are core holidays that resonate with most audiences.

But there are many more special days that will get your audience excited. From food to animals and everything in between, there is an abundance of special days worldwide during which marketers can share content relevant to their industries. And with a cool graphic, they might even share it what gives your brand more exposure.

It’s up to you to integrate all these special days into your content calendar! But of course, you need to be aware of them…

You can find them everywhere on the internet, but much easier: in ContentPlanner.io, you see them next to your calendar. You can drag & drop those days that are important to your brand directly onto your calendar.

Let’s give a quick demo. When you go to your weekly calendar in ContentPlanner.io then you will see all the special days & holidays on the left side:

Then you can drag & drop any of these days onto your calendar weeks. And then you will see them planned in your calendar:


You could be missing valuable opportunities to create engaging content on your social media channels by ignoring special day opportunities.

Using ContentPlanner.io, you never miss these opportunities again: open your calendar and drag them onto your calendar!

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