Steal these Daily Hashtags…

Do you want to reach more potential customers? Or do you still have problems coming up with interesting and engaging social posts?

Then we might have a solution for you: Daily Hashtags!

Daily hashtags are popular hashtags on social media for specific days of the week.

By using popular daily hashtags, you can significantly boost your engagement and brand visibility! We advise you to combine these hashtags with location and industry-specific hashtags to get the best results.

Where can you find them? Very easy: we created a ContentPlanner.io library with the most important daily hashtags. Just bring up the library in your calendar and drop the daily hashtags that inspire you most onto your calendar.

We explain in the following section how you can apply this for your own content.

Remark: You can also download a document with all these hashtags with example posts at the bottom of this post.

Daily Hashtags in your calendar

We will illustrate how you use the daily hashtags in your calendar.
Ensure you are logged in to ContentPlanner.io or create a free account: you can use the button in the upper right corner.
Next, open the weekly calendar from your dashboard by clicking on the calendar icon inside the Content card:

This will open the weekly calendar:

On the left side, you see all the special days that you can drag & drop onto your calendar: this is explained in another post.

We will use the content libraries that are available on the right side of the screen (see labels 1 & 2):

  1. Select the tab ‘Global lib’ (label 1): these are the global libraries with content (such as quotes, post ideas, etc. , but also the daily hashtags)
  2. Then select the library ‘Daily Hashtags’ in the dropdown selection.

As a result, you will see the most popular hashtags for today in the panel on the right side:

Then you can drag & drop (label 1) any daily hashtag that inspires you onto your calendar. Drop in the correct channel column (here Instagram) and the correct week.

You will see by default the hashtags for today, but you can change the selection to any other day (label 3).



Download our daily hashtags document

If you’re not ready to use a digital calendar, then you can also also receive the full list of hashtags (with examples) by clicking on the button below:

Below a preview of the first pages of this document: 

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Do you want more inspiration, more likes, and more engagement? Then use these hashtags on a daily basis!

More than 200 hashtags with post examples.

Preview of document: