Content Hacks

Analyze your competitor’s keywords

What do you want to accomplish?

Build your keyword list

What do you need?

  • A list with the links of your competitors
  • Keyword Density Checker tool (free)


This procedure will use a free tool called Keyword Density Checker (abbreviated as KDC) that you can find here:

Basically, when you enter a page (URL) into this tool, then it will generate a list of keywords used in that page ordered by density (=how much the keyword is used on that page).


You can use the following procedure to create your list:

Four step procedure to build your keyword list by analyzing your compeitor's keywords
  1. First, you have to create a list with all the URLs of your most important competitors
  2. You will need to enter each of the URLs from the list into the KDC tool
  3. The KDC tool will generate the list with keywords that are used frequently on that specific page. The keywords with the highest frequencies are probably the ones that the pages were optimized for. So probably also candidates for your list… !?
  4. Put the most interesting keywords on your own list