Content Hacks

Video Link Building

What do you want to accomplish?

Create quality links to your website

What do you need?

  • Video recording device: your mobile phone or camera
  • Time & creativity


The procedure for this recipe is short, but executing it might take a bit more time:

(1) Create video content

Start by thinking about a certain video format that suits you & your brand. This can be a slide show with a voiceover or you (or somebody from your team) explaining interesting concepts: be creative!

This is the hardest part!

You can also choose from different content types:

  • How-to guides
  • Instructional videos
  • Industry news

(2) Post your video on YouTube (and other video sites)

If you don’t have a YouTube channel: just create one here, it’s easy to do!

Next, upload the video you just created in the previous step.

(3) Create backlinks

And then, most importantly: you link back from the description of your YouTube video to the relevant page on your website.

This is the most important step of this procedure because link building is the ultimate purpose.

This is an example from some random video in my YouTube feed:

Just make sure that everything is consistent: use the same keywords in your Youtube description as on your webpage.

You can repeat steps 2 & 3 for other video sites as well: