Configure status emails

Introduction can send you an overview email of your planned content. This article will explain how you can enable or disable this automatic email and how you can configure the timing.


Open your project dashboard and click on the gear icon in the upper-right corner:

This will bring you to your project settings. Select the ‘More’ tab of your settings (see label 1 in the image below) and then you will find a section called ‘Status emails.’ Click on the ‘pen’ icon in the upper right corner (label 2).

Then you will be able to change the settings concerning the status emails:

  1. You can enable/disable this automatic email.
  2. You can select the days on which they are sent.
  3. You can configure the hour of the day (a number between 0 and 23).

Don’t forget to press the save button in the upper right corner!

Important remark

Ensure that your time zone is configured correctly, or your emails will not arrive at the configured time! You can change this setting in the ‘General’ tab:

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