Different Views on Your Content

Planning Board

ContentPlanner has a graphical planning board from where you can easily manage your full content pipeline. Drag & drop your content between the different stages of the content creation process. Or use the calendar to get a more detailed view on your content.

Know Your Audience

Hashtag Spy

Monitor hashtags on Social Media that are important to your brand & niche. Use this knowledge as inspiration for your content and to create more engagement with your social accounts.
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Target the Right Keywords & Hashtags

Keyword & Hashtag Research

Keyword research is the process of finding the right keywords for your business and understanding how you are ranking or could rank for these keywords on Google. ContentPlanner makes it easy to organize all your keywords in keyword lists. You can import keywords from different external tools. When planning content, you can link these keywords to the correct content pieces.

Exactly the same process can be used for all your hashtags on social media!

The Way You Work


With ContentPlanner, you can configure the exact workflow that your team needs. Use different workflows for different content types: producing blog content requires another approach than creating social media or YouTube content. Customize your workflows with the steps you need (research, write, edit, etc.) and assign tasks for each of the steps to your team members.

Know Where to Aim


It’s difficult to reach specific Content Marketing goals without a clear strategy. Use ContentPlanner to define your content strategy and keep your goals in focus during all your content activities.

Structure Your Content

Content Clusters

Structuring your content is as essential as writing it. Make use of content clusters to reach the maximum potential of your content.

Creative with Titles

Title Library

Do you also find it challenging to come up with the best possible title for your next post? Then ContentPlanner comes to help: there’s a title library that allows you to select the best possible title for every piece of content. You can create a shortlist of ideas from the library from where you can take your final version.

Multi Brand

Multi Project

If you manage multiple brands (ex. agencies), then you can create separate projects for each brand.

Massive Content Library

Content Ideas & Content Library

Writer’s block, blank page syndrome… Sometimes it’s difficult to come up with fresh content. ContentPlanner.io will help you by proposing ideas (special days, quotes, relevant questions…). You can also maintain your own library of content that can be used to feed your content pipeline.

Know Your Audience


Your target audience should always be central during the content creation process. ContentPlanner helps you with keeping this focus by using personas. Personas are fictional characters that represent different user types that might use your product or service.

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